With years experience of doing weddings, blessings and commitment ceremonies in churches, hotels, at football stadiums and other locations, David has honed an ability for ensuring that each occasion is unique and personal to the couple concerned.

As a graduate of One Spirit Interfaith Foundation, he hopes soon to be able to officiate as a registrar as well as a celebrant as he did during his years as an Anglican priest as society deepens its commitment to inclusiveness for people of all faiths and none.


Scotland's reputation for romance & liberty has enabled David, who sees Scotland as his "spiritual home", to do weddings in Glen, Ben and Island Loch locations. If you fulfil the residency requirements and are considering marrying North of the border, the document below offers a flavour of what you might expect.


In England, only Anglican (CofE) priests or individually authorised ministers of other denominations are authorised to conduct weddings without the additional services of a registrar.

After over twenty years as a Franciscan tertiary and twelve years as an Anglican priest David, having graduated from the Interfaith Foundation, stepped into ministry as an independent. Appointed the servant leader for Britain and the Islands by the Progressive Christian Alliance, he now offers blessings following civil weddings

and partnerships. David is delighted that through Creoginity he is now able to work in a much wider sense to offer couples a unique spiritual affirmation of their love. Unlike organised religion, his concern is not about the gender or sexuality of couples, but about their loving commitment to each other. When asked by marine biologists to help raise awareness of plastic pollution in the oceans, David met with two Sea Green Turtles, Cammy and Ernie, before affirming their love in a wedding ceremony.


Couples also chose hotels and other locations for their big day. Left: Miriam and George flew in from Germany to have their wedding blessed at Old Trafford Football Ground on Aug Bank Holiday Mon 2011 - the day after they had watched Manchester United beat Arsenal 8-2.


David gets asked to do relationship commitment ceremonies when, for example, the couple plan to marry abroad and want to offer friends and family who can't attend the wedding itself an opportunity to join them in celebrating the sealing of their love.


Couples who marry at Gorton Monastery often ask David to complete their civil ceremony with a blessing.

Left: Fiona and Rob - St. George's Day 2011 

"David blessed us following our wedding at Gorton Monastery. It was fantastic having him there. A great guy with a lot of life experience and a good heart. Once we had met him we couldn't imagine having anybody else carry out our blessing. Thanks again David!"

 - Mark and Kate

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