As the PCA servant leader of Britain and the Islands, David works under guidance from the global leadership council to help those drawn by the teachings of Jesus to identify United Reformed Church, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, Unitarian, Spiritualist, Evangelical, African and other Churches that have examined their awareness and intention on issues of inclusivity.

As well as helping prepare and then ordaining new Progressive Christian Alliance ministers, part of David's role as a regional servant leader involves supporting ministers and congregations within Christian denominations to live out an inclusive gospel. 

PCA UK seeks to identify churches which feel honestly able to declare a willingness to:

* Seek to follow the example of Jesus

* Have a heart for social justice

* Respect theological diversity

* Welcome all to their rightful place at the table 

PCA is working to ensure that Christians and others interested in Jesus ministry can link with places to worship where they can expect genuine and empathetic welcome without judgement or pressure to conform to dogmas or perceived social norms.

PCA UK is not an opposition group. We call on people of all faiths and none to work together in mutual regard for the benefit of the one human family. We appreciate the work of others helping to ensure that people can worship in safe, welcoming places and share good practice with "Jews for Equal Marriage", "Muslim's for Progressive Values", "Christian's for Equal Marriage", "The Humanist Society" and others who seek to uplift the human family through the mutual empathy of inclusive love, the mark of good intention in spiritual and philosophical outlooks.

While PCA UK can take no responsibility for how individual churches interpret and behave, that responsibility must remain with the local church. We do welcome feedback - both positive and negative - of your experience of UK places of worship, as this will enable us to affirm good practice and constructively challenge unhelpful attitudes.  

Rev. David Gray

PCA servant leader UK

Gorton Community Ministry

St. Francis Monastery

89 Gorton Lane

Manchester – M12 5WF

T: 07927 734 419

Donations in support of these aims can be sent to PCA at the address above.

Rev. David Gray is self employed. To support his GORTON COMMUNITY MINISTRY, which as the PCA UK Servant Leader includes inclusive church networking and the nurture and affirmation of community based ministries where people and not buildings are the focus of local "church", please make cheques payable to:


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