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BAPTISMS take place during Church services and involve membership of the denomination concerned. They are very special.


There is no charge for ceremonies, but a collection for the work of Gorton Community Ministry will help cover costs for certificates and other aspects of the service as well as supporting David's work as PCA UK servant leader - or you can donate to Growing Faith in Community to help our not for profit work in local communities.

Because everyone deserves to have the affirmation of rites of passage, Creoginity offers those who do not wish to commit themselves or a precious child to a particular denomination an equally special opportunity to have a dedication to God in a non-denominational Christening or a non-religious NAMING CEREMONY. These do not require membership of an earthly institution and are a way of celebrating a new birth or even a new beginning in the life of an older person.

Such a Christening or Naming Ceremony can be a small, private event at home, in hospital or a larger gathering such as when new parents express their joy as they welcome their little one to the world and introduce them to friends, family and neighbours.

In a Christening, the person who is named and all gathered are blessed, gratitude is expressed for the gift of a life and prayers are offered for all involved.

Naming Ceremonies are marked by affirmation of personhood and a making of realistic promises to love, nurture and guide as good role models.

"I have only just come across this website when i found one of your cards in my house , and it actually brought tears to my eyes seeing the picture of Layla's christening and remembering how small she actually was. You really did make that day extremely special for both me and Courtney , not being able to have my grandad there by my side but being able to carry on the tradition in the same church with the man that is more then an inspiration in the whole of our family! I couldn't have asked for a better person to do the service on the day! You really are a great man with an amazing heart xx" - Sonya.

Below is a link to a naming ceremony prepared for a family who follow the Pagan path. In discussion with them, it struck me how St. Francis understood so much about the divine at work in other faiths. It was a real honour to be invited to facilitate this service and I learned much from doing so. Needless to say, I'm more than happy to write ceremonies that encompass your personal relationship with the divine:


Pease use the donate button to help Growing Faith in Community feed vulnerable people: